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The following is list of events currently scheduled for WriteHive2020!

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Discovery Mechanics


How do you stand out in today's market? What can you do to pull in the kind of readers that will love your book? You're lucky to have discovered this panel, because we're going to break down the things you can do to raise the visibility of your work!

Fan-Fic Forever!


A lot of writers get their start writing fan-fiction, and yet the practice is still overlooked by the mainstream. This panel gives fan-fic the respect it rightfully deserves.

Finding Yourself Through Writing


Writing can reveal a lot about who we are. What we like and what we don't. What our subconscious is concerned about. What traumas we might still be processing through. Check out this panel to see how we can use writing to learn more about ourselves and, maybe, find a little comfort as well.

Getting NSFW


NSFW = Not Safe for Work! Not all stories can be told in public. Sometimes, writing involves some explicit content. Sexual themes, illicit drug use, and excessive violence are just some of the things that can make your work NSFW. But just being NSFW doesn't make your story less legitimate. In fact, it might make it more fun! Check out this panel to learn how to write quality NSFW material!

Inside Book Reviewing


This panel-chat by book reviewers will give you an inside look at what book reviewing is like, how it works, and how authors/writers can best work with book reviewers.

It's Science! (In Science-Fiction)


One of the hardest things about writing science fiction is, well... the science! Check out this amazing panel from real scientists as they discuss how to write convincing science in fiction.

Judging a Book by Its Cover


Everyone says you shouldn't, but the truth is: readers judge books by their covers. Cover design is a huge business and it pays to know about it. Check out this panel for insider tips on what makes a good cover, how to find the right artist/designer/illustrator, and how not to break the bank doing so.

Listening to Your Characters


Writing great, memorable characters means that... well, sometimes they want to run the show. Very often, that can be a good thing! Tune in to this panel to get tips on how to listen to your characters and help them tell their story. 

Making the Most of Critique Groups


Critique groups are an absolutely invaluable resource for authors and writers looking to enhance their skill. But navigating them can be tricky. Check out this panel for a discussion on how to get the most out of your critique group, including etiquette tips.

Plotters vs. Pantsers


Somebody ring the bell! In this panel discussion, writers from across the plotting/pantsing spectrum will discuss their writing process. This is a great panel for writers looking to learn more about their own process!

Romance, HEA, and Reader Expectations


Romance is--and always has been--the biggest market in the literary community. And for a lot of good reasons! But for an old genre, romance sure has pushed the envelope over the years! Check out this panel to learn about setting and managing reader expectations to ensure the right readership is loving your book.

Screenwriting Secrets


All our favorite movies have one thing in common: they had great screenwriters. Writing for the screen is an art in and of itself, and this panel is a chance to learn not only more about it, but how to be a great screenwriter. Fade in.

Self-Publishing Tips & Tricks


These days, publishing a book is simple. Doing it right? Well, that's a whole different story. (Pun intended.) Check out this panel to grab tips from self-published authors on how to find success in self-publishing.

The Future of Book Cover Design


Everything in this industry is subject to change. That includes book covers. As technology gets better and more accessible, things like augmented-reality covers are coming in vogue. What else is in store for the future of book covers?

YA Fantasy: Magic & Wonder


The Young Adult market is HUGE, and it's growing by the day. YA Fantasy has taken off as one of the breakout genres of our time. When working with such a voracious and imaginative readership, how do authors in this genre keep things interesting? Fly into his panel and explore the wisdom found in it!



Art of Querying


Querying agents, editors, and publishers can be a daunting process. Especially when it seems like there's no one way to do it right! Check out this presentation on how to nail your queries so you're getting the most out of your time and energy!

Author Interview: Taylor Vogt


Join author, #amwriting superhero, and host of Taylor Vogt for an exclusive interview! Taylor is hilarious and this is guaranteed to be an absolute blast!

Live Cover Design


Ever wondered what it takes to design a book cover? Well, you're about to find out! Watch this demonstration as a book cover designer creates a cover LIVE. This is great insight into how it's done. Learn from the pros!

Nuclear Holocaust! Doing It Right


We all love a good post-apocalypse story! Modern stories in this genre are using nuclear tragedies as a jumping-off point. But are we writing these scenarios correctly? Join our resident HAZMAT expert as she talks nuclear winter, the science of radiation, and much more!

Planning Your Novel


Not everyone likes to plan. But planning can be really useful! Check out this amazing presentation from one of our resident writing teachers to learn how you can take that GIANT novel and break it down into manageable, easier pieces! This is a great one for learning  how to be more productive!

Which POV Should I Use?


Point-of-view can be a pretty tricky thing. It can be difficult to decide which one we use to tell our stories. Luckily, we've got a presentation on determining what, how, and why to use certain POVs for your story! Check this one out to learn how to tell your story the best way you can!



Pitch, Please!


Pitches can be really hard to get right, but a great pitch can make the difference between selling your novel and not. Join this workshop to hammer out the kinks in your pitch (or design one if you don't have a pitch yet!). By the time you're done with this workshop, you'll be pitch-perfect.

Query Letters


This workshop is designed to help you perfect your query letters. Writers don't usually like to write these, but getting them right is essential if you want to find a traditional deal. So, jump into this workshop and make your query everything you wanted it to be! (You can thank us when you're signing that contract!)



Cosplay Contest


Dress up as your favorite fictional character and join in the Cosplay Contest! Post your best pics on Twitter or Instagram and make sure to use the hashtag #WriteHiveCosplay!

Open Mic Night: Poetry Reading


Have some poetry you're interested in reading? Hop into this Open Mic Night, share your best work, and listen to other amazingly talented poets! Any style is welcome! Please make sure you've got a microphone!

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